Top Rated Portable Satellite Radios For SUVs

Cross country travelers and local commuters alike seek the top rated portable satellite radios for SUV’s, cars and trucks to provide uninterrupted music favorites.

Satellites provide the newest innovation in mobile music and programming; no advertisements, no fade out or static and no censorship. With the majority of today’s population continually in a state of transit, having this convenience in a portable form is a bonus. Transferring the portable satellite radio unit from home to vehicle to work and back home again makes listening to your favorite music and news programs a smooth process. Several of these portable models are even able to be easily carried around when away from the plug-ins.

People often think of satellite radio as simply Sirius of XM, but these names are associated with the signals that are transmitted from ground stations into space where they are received by satellites and beamed back earth. Here on the ground, the signals are picked up by radio receivers which are specially programmed to interpret the digital data. Only certain radio receivers are permitted to unscramble this data to provide over 100 channels of music, news and sports programs. There are two basic types of receivers: plug and play, which are the least expensive at around $100.00 or less and truly portable satellite radios that can run $300.00 or more. Either of these types are options for installation in an SUV; however, most people turn the plug and plays to get the most use from their portable satellite.

The following includes some of the top rated portable satellite radios, for SUV’s, cars, trucks, homes and more:

  • Sirius SP5TK1 Sportster 5 Satellite Radio features a large display, parental controls, alarm clock, 1-touch or rotary knob for tuning. It is available in 15 colors to match dash lights or interior.
  • Delphi MyFi XM2GO portable XM satellite radio receiver, which includes home and car kits, is a truly versatile tool, and one of the more advanced.
  • Sirius ST5-TK1 XM / SIRIUS radio receiver has a sleek slim appearance with a large display. It includes a car kit for easy mobility.
  • XM – XMp3i portable satellite radio with home kit features both Tune Select and Game Select technologies to make locating your favorite sports events or singing artists easily.

It is important to note that, with the convenience and wide offerings of satellite radio also is a cost beyond the purchase of the radio receiver of your choice. Subscriptions are required in order to receive the transmissions through the portable radio receiver.
Choosing a portable satellite radio can be made much easier by reviewing top rated choices on the market.

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