What Two Way Radio Is Best For Camping and Hiking

There is something very enticing about getting back to basics in the wilderness; just you, your camping or hiking partner and of course, your two way radio. Even though it is wonderful to leave the stress of the world behind, only an inexperienced and foolish hiker would leave their contact with the world behind.

Camping and hiking are known to be great ways to get in touch with your inner self, with no phones ringing, no boss barking orders, no sounds of automobiles horns or trash trucks on their daily rounds. Only the sweet smell of earth and pine; the sensation of gentle breezes and warm sunshine; the sight of flora and fauna and the sounds of birds singing in the trees can interrupt the thoughts when spending time in the wilderness.

All of this quiet and solitude is beneficial for the soul, but can just as easily turn the tables and be the greatest danger for a camper or a hiker should an accident happen with no one around to assist.

The smart adventurist carries a two way radio that is manufactured by one of the leaders in communication devices, Uniden. The GMR1838-2CK 22 Channel GMRS/FRS 18 mile two way radios provide the ideal medium for ensuring that campers and hikers can connect to the outside world in an unobtrusive manner. After all, backwoods hiking and camping requires the individual to carry everything they need and only what they need on their backs. There is no room for any equipment that cannot carry its own weight in terms of quality and service.

The Uniden two way radio is extremely beneficial in the range that they offer. Providing an incredible range of 18 miles, the Uniden allows the individual to delve deep into the woods for the greatest and most intimate backwoods experience. Two radio frequencies, Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) allow more versatility.
Not knowing who else may be traversing the woods can be intimidating for anyone, especially when talking to your partner by radio.

A two way radio that offers numerous privacy channels protects the privacy of these conversations; the Uniden GMR/FRS brings 99 privacy codes to the radios for the greatest options of channel surfing. Channel lock can prevent the accidental channel change and keep the individual honed in to their target.

Becoming one with the wilderness is a humbling experience for anyone, but when trouble strikes, a dependable means of contacting the outside world is needed; the Uniden GMR/FRS will be just the lifeline they need.


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